Vietnam medics

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Medics and Corpsmen were heroes of their time, stepping forward to save countless lives and to minimize as much human suffering as they could, while giving of themselves totally. Their services were relevant for their time in Vietnam, just as the services of those who have.

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Combat medic

Feb 15,  · A week into my assignment I learned through the grapevine a terrible truth: Medics in Vietnam were expected to endure six hard months in the field.

Army Medics and Navy Corpsmen Are Listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall At this time, I have identified 1, Army Medics and Navy Corpsmen listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. But, thankfully for us, the corpsmen and medics of Vietnam became people of destiny in helping to establish a new profession that continues to help people in so many ways today.

"Truly these are heroes of our time". In Vietnam, the medic's job was to treat and evacuate. Medevac helicopters now could bring medics on board to continue treating the wounded while transporting them back to the Field Hospitals.

There was a 98% survival rate for soldiers who were evacuated within the first hour.

Vietnam medics
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Army Medics and Navy Corpsman Listed On the Vietnam Memorial Wall