Stakeholders of alton tower

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Internal and External Stakeholders of Alton Towers

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Stakeholders of Alton-Towers

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Alton Towers is the largest theme park in the UK with other million visitors a year, which is located in Alton, Staffordshire which is owned by Blackstone CVC, Kirkby and management. However, it’s a private limited company and is in the private sector in which you cannot buy shares into the company.

Alton Towers Resort, often shortened to Alton Towers, is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England. It is near the village of Alton, in the parishes of Denstone and Farley. The resort, which is operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, incorporates a theme park, water park, mini golf and hotel complex.

Oct 25,  · Stakeholders of Alton Tower. A stakeholder is someone who can affect or has interest in the business. In this case, the stakeholders are: Owners; where the capital came from and the one who makes decisions.

Employees; who work for the company, their position and. Alton Towers is a private limited company, also its the largest theme park in the UK. It has a positive effect on the economy as it attracts inbound tourism, encourages domestic tourism, also it creates lots of jobs but the down fall is they're only seasonal jobs.

Internal and External Stakeholders of Alton Towers A stakeholder is someone who shows an interest within the business; an internal stakeholder is a person or a group of people who work internally with in the business and show an interest.

Stakeholders of Alton-Towers Workers- are stakeholders in Alton towers because, what happiness' in the business effect there work life and there pay, there jobs may also change when new rides are build.

Stakeholders of alton tower
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