South african 1948 general election

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South African General Election, 1948

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The outcome of the general election in South Africa was affected by the two major parties in the election which were the Reunited National Party and the United Party. The United Party was opposing Reunited National Party in the election. It was created in and was South Africa’s leading political party from to United States presidential election of United States presidential election ofAmerican presidential election held on Nov.

2,in which Democratic Pres. Harry S.

The United Party wins the General Election

Truman defeated Republican Thomas E. Dewey. The roots of the election date towhen Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to run for an unprecedented third. The general election was contested by the Reunited National Party or Herstigte Nasionale Party (HNP) led by D F Malan, the United Party (UP) led by Jan.

The general election took place on 26 May Out of a total of constituencies which were to send representatives to Parliament, twelve seats were unopposed, eleven of these were for the United Party (UP) and one seat was for National Party (NP).

South Africa Table of Contents. Smuts's governing United Party and Malan's HNP went into the general election campaign on opposing platforms. The United Party based its platform on the report of the Native Laws Commission chaired by Judge Henry Fagan.

The parliamentary election in South Africa on 26 May represented a turning point in the country's history. The United Party, which had led the government since its foundation inand its leader, incumbent Prime Minister Jan Smuts, were ousted by the Reunited National Party (Herenigde Nasionale Party in Afrikaans), led by Daniel François Malan.

South african 1948 general election
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