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The Nimbus Story. Much like the splendor of the nimbus cloud and the grace with which it changes shape, the story of NIMBUS shows a dynamic ability to manage change and to continuously grow.

IAF Gagan Shakti IAF conducts pan India exercise, aims real-time coordination in intense battle scenario. The aim of the exercise was real-time coordination, deployment and employment of air power in a short and intense battle scenario. Renu’s story is of a fearless girl who took her life into her own hands.

Her story of overcoming prejudice and discrimination is one that millions of women face all over the world. Genghis Cohen N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA The Nimbus Story.

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Much like the splendor of the nimbus cloud and the grace with which it changes shape, the story of NIMBUS shows a dynamic ability to manage change and to continuously grow. TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY - SOLID STRENGTH. KIL Cement Division is an award-winning cement manufacturer and is one of the nation's largest producers to provide high quality products and reliable services to our clients and communities throughout India.

Project shakti
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