Peer influence on career chioce

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How does family influence values and expectations?

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4 Things That Can Affect Your Career Choices

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Teenagers experience both positive and thus feelings due to build pressure. Pressure from the parents to do something or for that matter from the teachers, but the most influencing of all is the pressure that comes from the peer groups.

In fact, peer pressure is one of the most effective ways for a teen to practice good behavior and make smart choices in his or her life. For example, consider a teen who surrounds him or herself with members of an academic club, a club of peers who participate in class, and work for good grades.

How do peer groups influence choice of career among secondary school students ?

influence of parental background, peer group and career aspiration on student: parental influence on the choice of career among secondary school students: the effect of parental influence on the choice of career among secondary school students in egor local government area of edo state: factors affecting the choice of home economics as a career.

This implied that there is a statistically significant influence of peer pressure on career decision study were mostly conducted on factors influencing career choice and on influence of gender. Mar 10,  · Personality is the foremost factors that influence Senior High School Students in choosing their track/strand which may have attributed to the account that personality plays an important role in choosing the right career as stated in Splaver ().

The factors that influence career choices

Future Opportunity is the least factor that influence them in choosing their strand. This research therefore will examine the influence of peer group and parental socio-economic background on career choice of secondary school students. Purpose of the Study. The purpose of the study is to examine the influence of peer group and parental socio-economic background on career choice of secondary school students.

Peer influence on career chioce
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Delve Deep: The Negative and Positive Effects of Peer Pressure