Pedicular osteosynthesis

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Pedicle screw

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Easyspine® Pedicle Screw System

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Pedicle screw

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Fracture of a pedicle is a rare complication of spinal instrumentation using pedicular screws, but it can lead to instability and pain and may necessitate extension of the fusion.

Osteosynthesis. In rare cases of spontaneous bilateral pedicle fracture of the lumbar spine, osteosynthesis of the fractured pedicle using bilateral pedicle screws and a bent rod is a motion-preserving technique that may be an effective option when conservative management has failed.

Posterior osteosynthesis of a spontaneous bilateral pedicle fracture of. MANAGEMENT OF FRACTURES OF THE PEDICLE AFTER INSTRUMENTATION WITH TRANSPEDICULAR SCREWS VOL.

US8308772B2 - Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment - Google Patents

B, No. 1, JANUARY Discussion The placement of pedicular screws is associated with sev-eral complications One rare event is a fracture of the pedicle which is generally observed intraoperatively.

A 10 degree slope to a caudal direction is needed at the L5 level and a 30 degree slope to a caudal direction is required at S1 level.

50 millimeters length screw can be used for adult patients. Some modification of Scholner's plate are proposed in spondylolisthesis surgery. A61B17/58 — Surgical instruments or methods for treatment of bones or joints; Devices specially adapted therefor for osteosynthesis, e.g.

bone plates, screws, setting implements or the like; bony anchoring members, such as pedicular screws or lamar hooks, whereof at least one comprises a proximal threaded stud intended for receiving. The study design includes prospective evaluation of percutaneous osteosynthesis associated with cement kyphoplasty on 18 patients.

The objective of the study is to assess the efficacy of a.

Pedicular osteosynthesis
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USB2 - Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment - Google Patents