My weakness

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Interview Question: “What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

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Need Answers to the Top 10 Interview Questions?

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Being asked about your weaknesses in an interview is intimidating. After all, you’re there to show them how capable you are, not to talk about what you’re bad at. Mar 03,  · Situation - My greatest weakness is that I talk too much. I am a blabbermouth. I used to get in trouble for talking over my teachers during class.

Task - The principal gave me a warning. She told me that I had to learn to zip it during class or I would get expelled. So, I /5(). There are several different ways to answer when you're asked during a job interview what your greatest weakness is.

You can mention skills that aren't critical for the job, discuss skills you have improved on, or turn a negative into a positive. The tricky greatest-weakness question can be answered 3 ways, and these 66 examples give you ideas on how you can pick your best 'weaknesses' to give great answers in your next job interview.

What are your weaknesses? Comment below with 3 weaknesses you have improved in the last few months that may or may not be in the lists above. This will help others see different possibilities.

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My weakness
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HOW TO ANSWER: What Is Your Greatest Weakness? (Our 2-Step Formula)