Long tail theory niche tourism

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Long Tail Tourism: New geographies for marketing niche tourism products

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Rethinking the Long Tail Theory: How to Define ‘Hits’ and ‘Niches’

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Rethinking the Long Tail Theory: How to Define ‘Hits’ and ‘Niches’

drawn out tail has given rise to the term long tail tourism. The ‘Head’ represents the high volume low value mass market whilst the ‘tail’ comprises a large number of specialist niche tourism products.

Challenges in managing and promoting Niche Tourism in the drawn out tail has given rise to the term long tail tourism. rivers in Fuzhou based on niche theory J Chongqing Normal University 27(1) pp Loubeau P R The globalisation of dental care. Over the last decades, mass-tourism and the emergence of the holiday package have transformed recreational travel from a ‘luxury for the few’ to a ‘commodity for the many’.

American Journal of Tourism Research

The ever-increasing demand for individuality, enabled by information technologies and the internet, has given rise to. Sep 28,  · The Long Tail concept refers to the Internet-based economy that has enabled company success through a focus on highly.

The Long Tail of Tourism Holiday Niches and their Impact on Mainstream Tourism. Editors: Papathanassis, Alexis (Ed.). Novelli () discusses how the term ‘Niche Tourism’ is largely borrowed from the term ‘Niche Marketing’ which refers to how a specific product can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular audience or market segment.

This is then extended into the idea of ‘niche tourism products’ and ‘niche tourism markets’.

Long tail theory niche tourism
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