How would you want your audience

7 ways to get to know your audience better

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Understand Your Audience

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Live interactive audience participation

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7 ways to get to know your audience better

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Communication skills: persuasion, audience analysis

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What do you want your audience to do, think, or feel? 2. What does this writing task call on you to do? 3. What are the best way to achieve your purpose? Audience: 1. To whom are you writing? 2. What does the audience already know about your topic?

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What do you want your audience to think, learn, or assume about you? What impression do you want your writing or your research to convey? How much should I explain?

This is the hard part. As we said earlier, you want to show your instructor that you know the material. But different assignments call for varying degrees of information.

How would you want your audience
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What do you want your audience to do, think, or feel? - Nursing Term Papers