Dominos response offers lessons in crisis

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What Company’s can learn from the Domino’s Pizza Crisis

Dominos Pizza YouTube Fiasco: A Lesson in Online Crisis Management. Sticky Post By KahnMedia On April 17, Conclusion on the video response: They Domino’s PR team could have reacted faster, but all-in-all they got a relatively well-done response piece up on YouTube and began heavily promoting it within days.

©Kahn Media Apr 25,  · Domino’s response offers lessons in crisis management What Domino’s did right — and wrong — in a squelching hubbub over YouTube video Domino’s nightmare holds lessons for marketers.

As you can imagine, the video instantly went viral and Dominos Pizza was instantly launched into a full social media crisis unlike anything they could have ever imagined. Domino’s response They made mistakes, that’s for sure.

Case Study: Domino’s YouTube Video

But they also managed to launch a communication strategy that saved their brand from potential ruins. Principles of crisis management in a viral age: Integrating the tools and lessons of search into a comprehensive crisis response [White paper].

Traverse City, MI: Oneupweb.

Dominos Pizza YouTube Fiasco: A Lesson in Online Crisis Management

Traverse City, MI: Oneupweb. Apr 20,  · Domino’s, a pizza chain based in Ann Arbor, Mich., faced a crisis not of its own making, but its response was telling of how to manage such crises today. Already, a new national study conducted by HCD Research using its Media Curves Web site found 65% of respondents who would previously visit or order Domino’s Pizza were less.

Dominos was faced with a major crisis but its Public Relations team was able to deliver. References: “Domino’s President Responds To Prank Video.” YouTube. YouTube, 18 Apr. Web.

09 Dec. Flandez, Raymund. “Domino’s Response Offers Lessons in Crisis Management.”Independent Street RSS. The Wall Street Journal, 20 Apr.

Dominos response offers lessons in crisis
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