Cell injury

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cell injury

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cell injury

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Cell damage

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Cellular injury

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Why do remember people persist in believing stupid things?. Feb 15,  · What is hypoxia? When cells are deprived of oxygen, a series of events take place that leads to cellular injury and—if deprived long enough—eventually apoptosis, or programmed cell death.

Cell Injury, Aging, and Death

· Irreversible mitochondrial damage: leakage of cytochrome c triggering apoptotic cell death Reversible cell injury: cell swelling, detachment of ribosomes from granular e.r. and dissociation of polysomes into monosomes.

Processes involved in cell injury

Fatty change encountered in cells invloved in fat metabolism (hepatocyte, myocardium). REVERSIBLE CELL INJURY has two morphologic hallmarks -- cell swelling and fatty change. CELL SWELLING ("cloudy swelling"; the extreme forms are called "vacuolar degeneration" or "hydropic change") is the visible change resulting from water being pulled by.

1 2 CHAPTER 1 Cell Injury, Cell Death, and Adaptations responses are hypertrophy, hyperplasia, atrophy, and metaplasia. If the adaptive capability is exceeded or if the external stress is inherently harmful, cell injury develops (Fig. 1–1). Within certain limits injury is reversible, and cells return to a stable baseline; however, severe or per.

Cell injury may be reversible (sublethal) or irreversible (lethal). Reversible injury may require cellular adaptation but the cell survives.

Irreversible injury leads to death of the cell. Overview of Cell Injury • Cells actively control the composition of their immediate environment and intracellular milieu within a narrow range of physiological parameters.

Cell injury
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