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Resources for the Care of Older Adults

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Alliance for Aging Vulnerability. CARE HOMES. We have over 20 care homes across the UK offering specialist care for older people, dementia care, neurological care and PMLD care. Read More.

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Diabetes in Older Adults

SinceChristian Care Communities’ has been guided by our principles of faith, care and family. We’re more than a nursing home – we’re a community that strives to enhance the journey of life for older adults. Care and support information for adults and older people in Cambridgeshire.

Start studying WGU, Care of the Older Adult - C Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Key points: (1) Care of older adults should be designed to better respond to a broader perspective of patient-centered concerns, and target not only improved longevity, but improved function, independence, and quality of life.

Adult Day Health Care. The Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) Program is a licensed community-based day health program that provides services to older persons and adults with chronic medical, cognitive, or mental health conditions and/or disabilities that are at risk of needing institutional care.

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