Are zoos harmful

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Debate: Zoos

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13 Times Zoos Were Bad for Animals

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You are also putting the animals life at risk,the animals have to have a conpanion to like. Even thought zoos can repopulate endangered species it has killed many animals. 4. Kiev Zoo, Ukraine: Called a "concentration camp for animals" Called a "concentration camp for animals," the Kiev Zoo was expelled from the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria in over poor conditions and mistreatment of animals.

Zoos Quotes Quotes tagged as "zoos" (showing of 17) “It was a huge zoo, spread over numberless acres, big enough to require a train to explore it, though it seemed to get smaler as I grew older, train included.

(WILDLIFE/ZOOS) Are zoos good or bad for animals? Zoos help with wildlife conservation and endangered species protection, but wild animals have trouble adapting. Keeping wild animals in zoos, or zoological gardens, is an old practice.

But today zoos seem more popular than ever. Each year more people in North America go to zoos than to all the professional baseball, football, and basketball games combined. Despite improvements to the deplorable conditions of mid-twentieth century zoos, harmful practices still abound, even at today’s most respected facilities.

Mounting research shows that holding intelligent, social animals in captivity is an inexcusable cruelty.

Are zoos harmful
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